Powwow Station | The Ultimate Social Photography Solution
Powwow Station is a social photography and video solution for corporate and personal events enabling opportunities for branding, user engagement, and acquisition of user insights.
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Powwow Station Logo
POWWOW STATION is an interactive marketing and branding tool using photography and video as a medium to capture data and information, deliver research and consultation and propel brands, services, products and important messages virally within all major social media platforms.


POWWOW STATION offers a one- stop shop solution for your marketing campaigns, events and parties throughout Malta and our dedicated team is on hand to make your vision a reality.

Not Just A Photo Booth

We offer a super sleek alternative to a traditional photo booth designed specifically for the purposes of entertainment and instant interaction with social and digital media as well as super fast, high quality printing. In fact you might refer to POWWOW STATION as the booth without a booth!

Friendly & Accessible

Our unique system is a user friendly, fully accessible touchscreen mounted in a smooth white housing that only occupies 1 square foot of floor space. POWWOW STATION looks pretty swish on its own, but with a bit of creative design they can become a truly integrated feature of your event or promotion.

A Brand Invigorator

The POWWOW STATION instantly brands all user generated content. We offer a diversity of options to instantly upload to social media, animated GIFs, slow motion video, instant print, green screen live previews, record video messages and photo filters - an awesome touch for any launch, event or communications exercise.





Corporate Events, Product Launches, Shop Opening and Premieres


Private Parties & Night Life

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Charities & Non-Profit Initiatives


Public Consultation & Market Research


Props, Accessories & Personalisation

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Staff Parties



Photo and/or Video Capture

The Powwow Station is specifically designed to capture user-generated content. Be it a still photograph or a video moment, the Powwow Station can be configured according to the requirements of the event or initiative.

Instant Social Sharing

The Powwow Station enables users to instantly upload their content to the world-wide-web. Social sharing is possible directly to the users’ personal e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SMS account remotely from the booth's touchscreen, and/or wirelessly through tablets, creating a genuine and instant social sharing experience.


The Powwow Station instantly adds graphic overlays to all user generated contented. This could be your logo, names, emblems, dates or other information to the photos or video before posting to social media.

Live Preview

Our intuitive touchscreen presents a live view and can be user operated with guidance provided either on-screen, through audio or from our trained operators and hosts.


The Powwow Station can be configured to request user feedback through an open survey consisting of multiple choice and/or open-ended questions. This is a valuable feature for corporate clients who need to carry out research and collect consumer insights.

E-mail Personalisation

Each user can receive an instant copy of their photo and/or video by e-mail which can be personalized with your event information and branding.

Photo Filters

Just like Instagram, the Powwow Station allows the guest to add a photo filter to their photo using the touchscreen interface. We have currently more than a dozen instant editing filters available and continue to develop new options.

Video Intro

Pre-load a video or text questions that guests reply to and post instantly on your choice of social media sites. You have the option to attach a ``promo-video`` to the uploaded video reply that will be included on all posts and uploads.

Animated GIFs

Create multi-frame photo animations with green screen backgrounds, custom logos, and instant uploading to Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

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Why our solution is ideal for corporate/brand events

POWWOW STATION is an impressive and effective way to get people to engage with your brand, product or company. Even more importantly, POWWOW STATION has developed state of the art data collection features in every photo and video booth for you to understand who is engaging with your product and why. It’s an innovative and unobtrusive way to market your product while conducting market research that remains effective long after your event has ended. The people attracted to your branded POWWOW STATION experience can be encouraged to input some of their basic details in the booth, to enter competitions or sign up to mailing lists. Data collection can be seamlessly linked to the experience, be it an event, launch, consultation or product launch.


Contact us to discuss the requirements of your next event. Through your brief  we will propose the ideal configuration for your event to enable the ultimate social experience possible.