Powwow Station | Arkadia Winter Party
Powwow Station is a social photography and video solution for corporate and personal events enabling opportunities for branding, user engagement, and acquisition of user insights.
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Arkadia Winter Party

What does every party need?  Evidence!   Recently we partied hard with the great team from Arkadia Marketing Limited.  With the guys and gals from awesome brands such as Orsay, Parfois, Arkadia Foodstore and more, we knew we’d be in for a top night.   Opting for a fully interactive photo party experience, Powwow Station delivered cool party pics with instant uploading to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also email.  We even set it up with extreme hash-tagging and personal comments.  Big Fat Facebook Like to the crowd at Arkadia and look forward to next time.

Value your people?  Power your next staff get -together with Powwow Station.

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