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Powwow Station is a social photography and video solution for corporate and personal events enabling opportunities for branding, user engagement, and acquisition of user insights.
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The Power of the Green Screen

Something we constantly underestimate is our functionality to enable a green screen to transform the background and transport our posers to another land. The concept works very similar to the weather man who can navigate the weather bulletin in front of a live map of...


Jägermeister for Nadur Carnival 2015

Carnival is a big deal in Malta and the spontaneous, quirky and entertaining carnival in Nadur is the epi-centre of Carnival shannigans. This year we have teamed up with the great brand, Jägermeister , t represent it on the street with the thousands of revellers that will be...

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Hugo Boss Photo Competition

Hugo Boss wanted to make a statement in Malta and they contacted us at Powwow Station to come up with a marketing solution to engage the public. We set out working with their team to build a branded enclosure for the Powwow Station and set-up in the shop...

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Arkadia Winter Party

What does every party need?  Evidence!   Recently we partied hard with the great team from Arkadia Marketing Limited.  With the guys and gals from awesome brands such as Orsay, Parfois, Arkadia Foodstore and more, we knew we’d be in for a top night.   Opting for...

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Westin Associates’ Party

When Petra at the Westin Dragonara got in touch seeking some unique photography we wooed her with our innovative approach to adding some extra oomph to their annual team party. We rocked their night with our intuitive photo party entertainment, void of a photo booth to...

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Our Haunted House was a blast

Halloween is long gone but we surely had a blast with our Haunted House initiative organised in Nadur in collaboration with Hush Photographers and the Nadur Local Council. The show reel above exhibts some photos of the actual experience and eventual photographic outcome. To view many more...


The PINK Fashion Show

Times of Malta and Pink magazine are teaming up to host their annual fashion event which is set to be the talk of the season. The event will be held at Progress Press in Mriehel and guess who will be there to support the event? Powwow Station will...