Powwow Station | Hugo Boss Photo Competition
Powwow Station is a social photography and video solution for corporate and personal events enabling opportunities for branding, user engagement, and acquisition of user insights.
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Hugo Boss Photo Competition

Hugo Boss wanted to make a statement in Malta and they contacted us at Powwow Station to come up with a marketing solution to engage the public. We set out working with their team to build a branded enclosure for the Powwow Station and set-up in the shop front of the Franks’ stores at The Point, Tigne and Bay Street Shopping Complex. With instant uploading to Facebook, trackable emails and super quick printing it was a win-win for Hugo Boss, Franks and all the got to take some great snapshots during the event.

If you’re looking for an evidenced based marketing campaign that genuinely engages your client base, then look no further than Powwow Station.

Photo Album (The Point)

Photo Album (Baystreet)

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