Powwow Station | Props, Accessories & Personalisation
Powwow Station is a social photography and video solution for corporate and personal events enabling opportunities for branding, user engagement, and acquisition of user insights.
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Props, Accessories & Personalisation

Our prop and accessory cupboard is continually updated and we have an abundance of fun, unusual, creative items to make your party really go with a bang!


You can work with us on your theme and we will happily source what accessories and props are needed to match the interactive experience of our Photo and Video booth with your event.


Wigs, Sunglasses, Signs, Boas, Masks, Hats, Cigars, Flowers, Crowns, Vintage Cameras and more is just the beginning!


Beyond this we can assist with designing, printing or hand painting bespoke backdrops, design and build entire sets or be part of your think tank for image wrapping or custom designing how you will make Powwow Station look for your event or campaign.


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November 8, 2014