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Westin Associates’ Party

When Petra at the Westin Dragonara got in touch seeking some unique photography we wooed her with our innovative approach to adding some extra oomph to their annual team party.

We rocked their night with our intuitive photo party entertainment, void of a photo booth to ensure that even the biggest groups and wildest party animals could shine in front of our camera.

The night was celebrated at Hugo’s Terrace in the heart of party central, Paceville, St Julians and we ensured that the Powwow Accessory Box was jam packed with props and other paraphernalia to help the team at Westins get into character.  We added an unlimited instant photo printing option for some extra “wow” and guests received their XL prints in less than 30 seconds.

Thanks to the Westin Associates – you’re awesome!

Wanna party like these guys?

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